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“I started Advanced Dental Compliance because of my passion to see my colleagues succeed by helping them avoid the consequences of legal or regulatory challenge.
Economic pressures on dental practices is ever increasing. In this climate, the doctor must continuously be mindful of “doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.” Meeting financial demands of the practice while trying to satisfy patient expectations can inadvertently cause the doctor to deviate from these ethical and compliance values, become complacent, take unnecessary risk, and make unwise decisions. I have seen this happen and I have helped doctors restore their focus and the trajectory of their practice.
This takes effort, it takes a plan, it takes time, but it’s all worth it for your peace of mind. And I can help!”

01. Leadership

A Leader in Organized Dentistry in Minnesota and British Columbia, locally and nationally. A Leader in Dental Regulation. A Leader in Dental Education. A Leader in Group Dentistry. A Leader in Team Management. A Leader in his Community.

02. Experience

As a General Dentist, a Dental Regulator, a Clinical Assistant Professor, a DSO Clinical Director, a Director of Education for Dental Residencies, a Team Leader for Business and Clinical Operations, and a Risk Management Consultant.

03. Integrity

Dr. Rossoff has taught, authored, and emulated ethics and integrity in every aspect of his career. As he likes to say, “Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

04. Results

Whether serving his students, his patients, his employers, his Teams, his community, Dr. Rossoff consistently improved performance, oral health, patient satisfaction, practice growth, Team Culture, practice safety and compliance.

Risk is an inherent part of dental practice.

Conflict is what we want to avoid.


Confidence that our systems and practices proactively manage risk and avoid conflict is what we strive for.

Which of these describe you and your practice – “I am struggling with repeated issues of conflict and I don’t know why”; “I’ve never been sued or have had a State Board complaint against me so I must be doing things right”; or “I want to avoid the risk of legal or professional challenge and all the cost and distraction that comes with it and pro-actively protect myself, my patients, and my reputation”.

EACH of these describe why the time is now for an independent, objective, non-judgmental assessment of your practice risk and processes. And why ADVANCED DENTAL COMPLIANCE, using Dr. Larry Rossoff’s unique set of skills, experience, and results, will give you the confidence and peace of mind you need every day. He has been in your shoes, and will help identify vulnerabilities, rate your systems in place, and create a workable plan for you and your Office Team to implement, with confidence, expertise, and empathy.

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