What Practitioners Are Saying

~ Dr. Sara Ruby, Pittsburgh, PA

“I found the experience working with Dr. Lawrence Rossoff invaluable in many ways.  Not only has he been a positive mentor to myself and many other doctors, but he has also strengthened my leadership role in dental practice. He has an expertise in risk management that will help doctors feel protected in their practice. By making up to date record keeping and documentation a priority, patient care can be enhanced and malpractice risks reduced. He has a gift in resolving conflicts in an effective way through good communication by addressing the needs of the patient and also protecting the doctors in today’s litigious society. I recommend Dr. Rossoff to any doctor that wants to enhance their practice to improve their patient outcomes and effectively implement a risk management system.”

~ Dr. Rhea Nicklow, M.S., D.M.D., Middleburg Heights, OH

“I was a member of Dr. Rossoff’s quality assurance committee for four years and I personally observed his attention to detail. He is extremely thorough with regard to evaluating all facts before suggesting resolutions and very well trained with respect to conflict resolution. Dr. Rossoff is skilled in negotiations and has the ability to suggest solutions for all topics in Dentistry. He also is an excellent resource with respect to documentation and correspondence. He stays well informed on laws and rules pertaining to Dentistry and assists his colleagues with implementation. He is a strong advocate of excellence in Dentistry, focusing on patient care. Most importantly, his many years as a practicing Dentist truly showcase his ability to listen and communicate all aspects of Dentistry with both colleagues and patients alike.Risk and practice management, communication and negotiations, proper documentation –Dr. Rossoff is able to assist and guide in all of these with a unique expertise, experience and true dedication to the field of Dentistry.”

~ Dr. Will Choi, Maumee, Ohio

“Dr. Rossoff really took the lead in setting up a peer review group within the company. Although set up to provide a systematic approach at addressing current patient concerns, it brought awareness and accountability to the clinical staff thereby proactively decreasing future patient issues.”

~ Dr. John Matta, Boardman, OH

“Dr. Rossoff led the Quality Assurance Committee for our Dental Group and helped us immensely. Every situation was tactfully approached and handled with utmost professionalism to minimize any potential legal risks and to lessen any regulatory actions. We could not have had any better support anywhere.”

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